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Basis Additiv Nikotin

Artikel-Nr.: 5992

Marke: Halo USA Liquids

10 ml Booster Fusion Halo 20mg Nikotin Shot vers. Mischungen

Lileferumfang: 10ml Nikotin-Shot 20mg Fusion 50/50 VG/PG von Halo Marke: Halo Mischtabellen weiter unten:

Preis 1,40 CHF 1,40 CHF ink. MWST

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Additiv Nikotin

Artikel-Nr.: 6483

Marke: Halo USA Liquids

10 ml Salt Booster Fusion 50/50 Halo 20mg Salt (Nikotinsalz) Shot

Lileferumfang: 10 ml Booster Fusion 50/50 Halo 20mg Salt (Nikotinsalz)Marke: HaloPG / VG 50 pg / 50VGTx Nicotine 20 mg / mlMischtabellen weiter unten:

Preis 1,50 CHF 1,50 CHF ink. MWST

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Additiv Nikotin

Artikel-Nr.: 9447

Marke: Liquideo

Nikotin Shot Booster Liquideo 20mg vers. Mischverhältnisse

Lileferumfang: Nikotin Shot Booster 50/50 Liquideo 20mg  vers. MischverhältnisseLiquideo-Nikotin-Booster von 10 ml und 20 mg, erhältlich in verschiedenen Geschwindigkeiten von PG/VG: 50/50, 70/30, 30/70 und volles VG zur Anpassung an alle Heimwerker.10ml Nikotin 20 mg / ml mit 

Preis 1,20 CHF 1,20 CHF ink. MWST

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Basis Nikotin

Artikel-Nr.: 13086

Marke: supervape

Nicomax 20mg Shot - vers. Mischungen - 10ml - SuperVape - Shot - Booster

Nicomax 20mg - SuperVape - Shot - Booster 20PG / 80VG 10ml - SuperVape - Shot - Booster oder50PG / 50 VG 10ml - auswählbarSuperVape's Lösung zum Aufpeppen Ihrer E-Liquids! Nikotinbasis mit 20mg/ml, um Ihre DIY-Basen zu verstärken - dies ist die maximal zulässige Rate nach TPD-Standards für 10ml-Flaschen. Verfügbare Raten: 20 PG/80 VG Basis für...

Preis 1,20 CHF 1,20 CHF ink. MWST

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ is an acronym for Frequently Asked Questions. It is also sometimes used as the singular Frequently Asked Question (Although when was the last time you heard only one question?). Some have called it Frequently Answered Questions as well. This isn't necessarily correct, but it isn't necessarily wrong either. It effectively has the same meaning.
What is a FAQ item?

A FAQ item is a single pair of question-answer.

FAQ items are like bricks. You can build a FAQ page from them, you can also use them for building other FAQ lists, which you can place practically anywhere on your site, using hooks and shortcodes.

You can use one FAQ item many times in different lists. (And in different stores, if you have multistore enabled.

You can see all your FAQ items in “All Items” tab. And inside each list you will see FAQ items, belonging to that list.

What are FAQ lists?

Lists of FAQ items can be placed practically everywhere on your site, using hooks and shortcodes. In this module you can choose on which exact pages your list of FAQ items can be shown.

On each list’s edit page you can see a list of FAQ items (a new list should first be saved). You can add existing items, create a new one, change their positions or remove items from list without deleting from shop.

How to add FAQ items to lists?

FAQ items are added to FAQ page or lists on page’s and lists’ edit pages. As well as on item’s edit page, too.

How to use Google Schema Markup?

In this module JSON-LD format of FAQ schema markup is used. This markup is not interleaved with the user-visible text, it’s lightweight and recommended for use by Google.

Be careful, do not use FAQ schema markup on the same page twice. Or with another type of schema markup. E.g. you should remove unnecessary product markup from category pages.

Was sind Shortfill Liquids ?

Shortfill liquids bedeutet das es in der Flasche noch Platz für Nikotinshots gibt. Die Liquids sind meist überdosiert. Das heisst Sie verlieren bei der Beigabe von neutralen Nikotinshots keine Geschmack. Die Liquids können aber auch ohne Beigabe von Nikotin-Shots gedampft werden und sind stärker im Geschmack.

Shortfill 50ml = 60 ml Flasche mit 50 ml Liquid 

Shortfill 100ml = 120 ml Flasche mit 100 ml Liquid



50ml + 1x 10ml Nikotinshot = 3mg Nikotin

50ml + 2x 10ml Nikotinshot = 6mg Nikotin

100ml + 2x 10ml Nikotinshot = 3mg Nikotin

100ml + 4x 10ml Nikotinsthot = 6mg Nikotin

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